Revolutionise Patient Care with the 7-Function Electric Hospital Bed - Layton Health

As the health care industry continues to evolve, so does the technology that supports it. One such advancement that has seen significant improvement is the hospital bed. It's more than just a place for patients to rest - it is a crucial tool in the delivery of effective and efficient care. At the forefront of this innovation is the Electric Hospital Bed with 7 functions.

This bed was created with the aim of providing more convenience and functionality to both patients and nursing staff. By integrating technology into our design, we've concentrated our research into making this bed adaptable to various working conditions. The result? A multifunctional electric bed that meets the needs of various scenarios, improves the quality and efficiency of nursing care, and, above all, enhances patient comfort and recovery.

 Specifications and Functions

 The 7-function electric hospital bed is suitable for various clinical patient departments. It includes key features such as side trim X-ray bed board, high-quality mattress, emergency switch, safety guard bar, urine bag hanger, and under-bed light.

The seven functions of this bed can be controlled electronically and include:

  1. Knee lift
  2. Height adjustment
  3. Overall forward tilt
  4. Electric CPR
  5. Back-knee linkage
  6. Electric control
  7. Overall backward tilt

These functions are not only designed for the comfort of the patient but also to assist in the delivery of care. The back and knees can be adjusted with one button, making positioning convenient and precise.

Risk Control and Workflow Improvement

The bed also comes equipped with features to assist in risk control and improve workflow. These include detachable end baffles, guardrail unlocking, manual CPR and emergency switch, and double goniometers. The latter ensures that the nursing staff can identify the rising angle of the back and the inclination of the knees.

Enhanced User Experience

Attention to detail is what sets this bed apart. The overall frame is formed using high-quality, cold-rolled steel, and it comes with central control foot brakes. The bed is also equipped with a high-quality mattress and under-bed light, adding to the patient's comfort. Additionally, it includes restraint strap holders and an optional X-ray bed board.


 When it comes to patient care, the 7-function electric hospital bed is a game-changer. It's not just about comfort, but about creating an environment where efficient care can be delivered with ease. With its advanced features and user-friendly design, it is indeed a significant leap in hospital bed technology.