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In the realm of patient care, constant innovation is key to ensuring the highest level of comfort and functionality. Hospital beds play a crucial role in this regard, and the Electric Hospital Bed with 9 functions is leading the way in providing an unparalleled patient experience. Designed to adapt to various working conditions and enhance nursing care, this bed is a game-changer in the healthcare industry.

Specifications and Functions

The 9-function electric hospital bed is equipped with an array of features that improve patient comfort and enable efficient care. The key functions of this bed, controlled electronically, include:

  1. Back angle adjustment: The angle of the backrest can be easily adjusted to provide optimal support and comfort for the patient.

  2. Knee lift: By utilising an electric controller, the bed allows for precise adjustment of the knee position, ensuring a comfortable and therapeutic posture.

  3. Overall backward tilt: This function enables the bed to tilt backward, helping patients find a suitable position for rest and recovery.

  4. Height adjustment: The bed's height can be easily modified to accommodate the needs of both patients and caregivers.

  5. Overall forward tilt: The bed can tilt forward, offering flexibility in positioning for various medical procedures and treatments.

  6. Heart chair position: This function allows for the adjustment of the bed angle to create a heart chair position, providing patients with a comfortable seated posture.

  7. Handrail: Equipped with safety handrails, the bed ensures patient safety and stability during movement and position changes.

  8. Side baffle: Four safety baffles on both sides of the bed prevent accidental falls and provide added security for patients. They can be individually lifted and lowered to meet different usage needs.

  9. Electric CPR: In emergency situations, the bed is equipped with an electric CPR function, enabling immediate cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Enhanced Features for Unparalleled Care

The 9-function electric hospital bed goes beyond basic functionality, offering additional features to enhance the patient experience and provide superior care:

  • Detachable end baffles: These detachable baffles prevent patients from slipping off the bed and safeguard against limbs getting caught in gaps when leaning forward or backward.

  • Digital weighting: Integrated with a digital scale, this bed allows for real-time measurement of a patient's weight change, enabling accurate monitoring of their health progress.

  • Four anti-collision corners: Equipped with four corners designed to prevent damage from accidental collisions with obstacles, such as walls, ensuring the bed remains intact.

Safety and Emergency Preparedness

Patient safety is of paramount importance, and the 9-function electric hospital bed is designed with various safety features to address emergency situations:

  • Manual CPR: The bed includes a manual CPR pullout function, ensuring quick and effective response during cardiac emergencies.

  • Emergency switch: Equipped with a red emergency switch, caregivers can initiate immediate action in critical situations.


With its advanced features and unmatched versatility, the 9-function electric hospital bed sets a new standard for patient care. Designed to adapt to various medical scenarios and enhance the efficiency of nursing care, this bed ensures the utmost comfort, safety, and flexibility for both patients and caregivers. Its range of functions, combined with enhanced safety features, makes it an indispensable asset in modern healthcare settings.

Experience the future of patient care with the 9-function electric hospital bed and revolutionise the way you deliver comfort, care, and healing.