Elevate Patient Care with the Laytoncorp Electric Hospital Bed (5 Function) - Layton Health

Taking care of patients in a hospital environment demands not just superior nursing skills but also the right equipment. At Laytoncorp, our focus has always been on creating high-quality, user-friendly, and innovative medical equipment. One such product is our Electric Hospital Bed (5 Function), designed to make nursing care more efficient and comfortable for both patients and nursing staff.

The bed's multifunctional design caters to various scenarios and comes with five key functions that are easily controlled through the equipped mobile electric controller. These functions include:

  1. Back and head position adjustment: The angle of the back and head can be altered from 0 to 40 degrees, enhancing patient comfort and facilitating various nursing care procedures.
  2. Knee lift: This function can be adjusted using the electric controller, allowing for a better patient position and improved comfort.
  3. Overall forward tilt: Equipped with an electric controller, the entire bed can be tilted back between 0° to 12°. This feature helps patients with circulation and breathing difficulties.
  4. Height adjustment: The bed's height can be adjusted from 450 to 850mm, offering convenience for both the patient and the nursing staff.
  5. Emergency switch: An essential feature that allows for rapid response in case of an emergency.

Our Electric Hospital Bed (5 Function) also includes features such as a urine bag hanger, an operation panel, and a tether strap holder. The bed is equipped with four safety baffles, offering extra protection to prevent accidental falls. It also includes detachable end baffles at both ends for additional safety.

The bed is designed with four anti-collision corners to mitigate any impact caused by accidental collisions with obstacles such as walls. Additionally, the bed includes a manual CPR function and an emergency switch for immediate response during emergencies. 

At Laytoncorp, we believe in the power of technology to enhance patient care. The Electric Hospital Bed (5 Function) is a testament to our commitment to innovative and high-quality health and medical equipment. It offers a blend of practicality, comfort, and safety, making it a suitable choice for various clinical inpatient departments.