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Electric hospital bed: 3 Functions
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Explore Layton Health's cutting-edge Electric Beds, designed to revolutionise patient care and comfort in healthcare settings. Our comprehensive range of electric beds, available in 3-function, 5-function, 7-function, and 9-function variants, offers unparalleled versatility and innovation. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each bed features electronically controlled functions such as height adjustment, knee lift, tilt control, and more. From hospitals to home care, our electric beds provide ergonomic solutions that prioritise patient well-being and caregiver efficiency. Discover the perfect blend of technology, sustainability, and design with Layton Health's Electric Beds. Request a quote today and elevate your care standards with our trusted and TGA-registered medical equipment



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Questions:

Layton Health electric beds are state-of-the-art hospital beds designed to offer maximum comfort and functionality to patients. They come in various models, including 3-function, 5-function, 7-function, and 9-function beds.

Layton Health beds are designed with patient comfort and caregiver convenience in mind. They are equipped with multiple electronically controlled functions, ensuring a personalised care experience.

Yes, Layton Health is a TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) registered entity, ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety for our products.

3-Function Electric Bed:

The 3-function bed typically provides three primary electronically controlled adjustments: bed height adjustment, backrest angle adjustment, and leg elevation.

This bed is suitable for patients who require basic positioning adjustments, ensuring comfort and aiding in recovery.

5-Function Electric Bed:

Apart from the features of the 3-function bed, the 5-function bed includes a Trendelenburg (whole bed tilts head down) and Reverse Trendelenburg (whole bed tilts head up) function.

Yes, the additional tilting functions can be beneficial for specific medical conditions and treatments, offering more positioning options for caregivers.

7-Function Electric Bed:

The 7-function bed offers advanced features, including knee lift, overall forward tilt, electric CPR function, back-knee linkage, electric control, and overall backward tilt, in addition to the primary functions.

The electric CPR function allows for a rapid flattening of the bed, which is crucial during emergency situations to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

9-Function Electric Bed:

The 9-function bed encompasses all the features of the 7-function bed and includes additional advanced features tailored to specific healthcare settings and patient requirements.

Yes, the 9-function bed is our most comprehensive electric bed, designed to cater to a wide range of patient needs and provide caregivers with maximum flexibility in patient care.

Sustainability and Service:

Layton Health is committed to sustainability. After a bed's lifecycle, it can be returned to us for recycling at our dedicated facility.

Yes, Layton Health provides on-site training support to ensure caregivers can effectively use the beds. We also offer service and maintenance support for our products.

You can request a quote for any of our electric beds through our website or by contacting our customer service team.

Additional Features:

Many of our beds come with additional features like a side trim, x-ray bed board, high-quality mattress, emergency switch, safety guard bar, urine bag hanger, and under-bed light.

Yes, while our beds are designed to meet the rigorous demands of hospital settings, they are also suitable for home care, ensuring patients receive the best care in the comfort of their homes.

Each bed comes with specific cleaning and maintenance instructions. It's essential to follow these guidelines to ensure the longevity and safety of the bed.

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