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Layton Corp, the Australian licensee of Tempur chairs, is proud to share a significant achievement by our partners, The Raynor Group®. A major office seating manufacturer, marketer, and distributor in North America, The Raynor Group® has reached an impressive milestone: 1 million exclusive Tempur-Pedic® office chairs sold.

Through its exclusive global collaboration with Tempur-Sealy International, Inc., The Raynor Group® brings premium Tempur-Pedic® technology to the office seating industry. This innovative partnership delivers ergonomic products that intelligently respond to and support the body's unique features, offering extended comfort and pressure relief in both the home office and workplace.


TGA Approved Health and Medical Equipment

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Unleashing the Power of Health: Empowering Individuals for Lifelong Wellness

At Layton Health, we have established an in-house testing facility equipped with cutting-edge testing equipment sourced from both domestic and international markets. Our meticulous testing protocols encompass various critical areas, such as product lifespan, chemical analysis, physical evaluations, electronic assessments, and more. These comprehensive tests are performed on each batch of raw materials and finished products. Our utmost priority is to ensure that our products deliver exceptional reliability, durability, and performance, meeting the highest industry standards while optimizing functionality.

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Transforming Healthcare Environments: Upgrading Traditional Medical Spaces and Creating Smart Healthcare Facilities

At LaytonHealth, we understand the importance of modernising a significant number of traditional medical care spaces and the increasing need for expansive smart healthcare facilities. To keep pace with the rapid developments in the industry, we specialise in the design and construction of cutting-edge smart medical care spaces. With over 20 years of expertise in professional ergonomics technology, LaytonHealth is dedicated to advancing the field of smart medical care. We also have extensive involvement in developing a wide range of medical office and medical nursing furniture products, offering comprehensive solutions for medical office and medical nursing home spaces. Our goal is to ensure exceptional functionality and comfort while meeting the highest standards.

Electric Hospital Beds

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Conformité Européenne Approved

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CB Approved

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ISO Approved

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Exclusive Customer Service

We have professional engineers stand by to make our 24/7 customer service hotline always accessible and to ensure that you can contact us for anything at anytime.

Service Network

A global network of technical experts provides you with technical support to address your specific problems and give out solutions through telephone, video call, and/or on-site services.

After Sales & Installation

We offer complimentary services, including the installation of our product, fine-tuning to ensure optimal performance, and in-depth training. Our training encompasses a range of topics from the basic structure and functionality of our products to their performance and organic principles. It also covers day-to-day operations, proper maintenance, management procedures, troubleshooting tactics, and effective responses to emergency situations, among other things

Response Readiness

We pledge to address your concerns within a span of two hours. If the issue persists beyond a 48-hour period, we'll ensure to supply you with temporary replacement devices of equivalent quality. Rest assured, all replacement parts used will adhere strictly to the original manufacturing specifications.

Quality Guarantee

During the warranty period of three years, Layton Health guarantees to replace any individual parts or components found to be defective in quality. We stand by the superior performance and integrity of our products throughout this warranty duration.

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Our Trusted Partners

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Established In 2000, Designa Inc has established 50+ overseas warehouses; specialising in R&D, marketing, manufacturing, logistics and after-sales service. For a more information please click the video link below.

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We're proud to announce our partner Lvtang. Lvtang was founded in 2018, specialising in R&D, production, sales and after-sale service in vitrodiagnostic products.