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In the realm of patient care, innovation doesn't always mean complex technology. Manual Hospital Beds are a testament to the power of simplicity and functionality. Designed to meet the diverse needs of patients and medical professionals, these beds offer a reliable and versatile solution. Let's explore the advantages and features of the Manual Hospital Bed with 3 cranks.

Advantages of Manual Hospital Beds

  1. Safety and Convenience: The Manual Hospital Bed provides a safe and convenient solution for various clinical inpatient departments. With its user-friendly design, caregivers can easily adjust the bed to meet the specific requirements of patients.

  2. Three Cranks for Versatility: The 3-crank system allows for precise adjustments in three key areas: back lift, knee lift, and height adjustment. These manual cranks provide flexibility in positioning, ensuring optimal comfort and support for patients.

  3. Robust Construction: Built to withstand the demands of healthcare settings, the Manual Hospital Bed features a durable frame and high-quality materials. Its sturdy design ensures stability and longevity, offering reliable performance for years to come.

Features and Specifications

  • Bed Board: The bed board provides a comfortable and supportive surface for patients, promoting rest and recovery. Its dimensions vary based on the specific model.

  • Caster Wheels: Equipped with double-sided casters, the Manual Hospital Bed offers smooth and effortless mobility, allowing for easy manoeuvrability within healthcare facilities.

  • Central Control Foot Brake: The foot brake ensures the bed remains stationary, providing stability during patient care activities.

  • Folding Guardrail: The folding guardrails on the sides of the bed enhance patient safety by preventing accidental falls. They can be easily folded down when not in use.

  • Hidden Rocker: The hidden rocker mechanism allows for seamless adjustments and ensures patient comfort during positional changes.

  • Side Trim: The side trim adds an aesthetic touch to the bed while also providing additional protection and support.

  • Advantage Mattress: The mattress included with the bed is designed for optimal comfort, pressure relief, and hygiene, promoting a restful and therapeutic environment for patients.

Choose Simplicity, Choose Efficiency

Manual Hospital Beds offer a practical and cost-effective solution for healthcare facilities. Their simplicity, combined with essential features and reliable functionality, make them a preferred choice for patient care. Whether it's for hospitals, clinics, or long-term care facilities, the Manual Hospital Bed with 3 cranks is designed to meet the unique needs of both patients and caregivers.

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