At Laytoncorp, we have been steadfastly committed to incorporating more functions and features into hospital beds, thereby enhancing the convenience experienced by both patients and nursing staff. Our focus has been on leveraging technology to transform these essential healthcare tools into something more.

In response to the evolving needs of medical institutions, we have developed a multi-functional electric bed, a considerable upgrade from the traditional manual hospital bed. This cutting-edge piece of equipment is designed to meet the requirements of various scenarios and perform numerous medical functions. Its benefits are manifold, not only improving the patient's experience but also streamlining the nursing process and augmenting the quality of care.

Laytoncorp's Electric Hospital Bed: A Revelation in Hospital Furniture

 Our 3-function electric hospital bed stands as a testament to innovation in clinical departments. The bed is equipped with several features that include a central control foot brake, bed-side skirting and rail, a high-quality mattress, central control linkage, holding guardrail, and an electric remote control.

 The bed also features a manual controller, an unlock button, and a headboard and footboard. With a safe load of 250kg and a bed board height of 850mm from the ground, the bed offers a back lifting angle and foot lifting angle adjustments.

Innovative Features and Design 

Equipped with an electric controller, the bed can adjust the back from 0° to 70°. The use of high-quality materials allows the bed to be easily steered and controlled. With a central control system, operating the bed becomes straightforward.

The bed also boasts an emergency switch for critical situations, and an optional mesh basket placed under the bed for storing patient care materials. This addition enhances convenience for both family members and nursing staff, providing patients with comprehensive and timely care.

The bed's high-quality framework is formed of cold-rolled steel. Its edges are smooth, offering excellent load-bearing performance. To further enhance patient safety, folding guardrails are fitted on both sides of the bed. These can be automatically locked when lifted, preventing accidental falls.

For added convenience, the bed also features an optional reversible dining board to facilitate the daily activities of patients, such as dining and writing. When not in use, it can be concealed at the head or foot of the bed, ready to be used when needed.

 Customisation and Options

At Laytoncorp, we understand that aesthetics and personalisation play a role in the healing process. That's why we offer a selection of decorations for the head and footboard, with options for oak or high-density polyethylene.

Our 3-function electric hospital bed is a testament to our ongoing commitment to developing user-friendly, innovative high-end health and medical equipment. We strive to make the patient experience as comfortable as possible, while also assisting healthcare professionals in delivering the highest quality of care.

At Laytoncorp, we don't just create hospital beds; we redefine the patient care experience.